Your Thyroid, Personalized


Get to know

Your unique nutritional needs for your thyroid health.  


DNA OR Hair Analysis

Whether you choose DNA or Hair analysis, you will receive a detailed report covering your metabolism, micronutrients, food sensitivites and much more unique just to YOU!


You Are Never Alone

Together we will review your test results and go over your nutritional plan tailored just for you by me, your certified nutritionist. 

With the right nutrition, you will eliminate:

-Weight gain -Inability to lose weight

-Anxiety -Depression -Fatigue

-Brain Fog -Joint Pain -Insomnia


Individualized Nutrition Packages

A La Carte


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get test results back?

Once the lab receives your sample: 

For Hair Analysis- 2 weeks to get results back

For DNA- It takes 3-6 weeks to get results back

I don't live near you, how do you do consultations?

Whether you are close to me or across the world, I conduct all my consultations through TeleHealth in my HIPPA approved portal.  You will receive portal log in information after you complete the purchase for a package.  For TeleHealth, you will need a laptop or computer with a webcam or a smartphone and then we'll be off and running!

Is it hard to collect samples for the tests?

It's a simple procedure.  For the DNA, the test kit comes with all instructions needed to collect a good sample.  A cotton swab is provided and you will use that to collect cells from the inside of your cheek.

For the hair analysis, I provide instructions on the best way to collect a good hair sample along with short instructional videos.  You may need a second person to collect the sample so that there is adequate amount to send to the lab.

Does the DNA test include ancestry?

It does not.  The DNA test I provide is a detailed nutritional and lifestyle profile.