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Bio-Individual Nutrition


As a thyroid patient, you have most likely experienced symptoms that range from frustrating (hair loss) to debilitating ( brain fog, joint pain).  Despite being on medication, these symptoms can persist.  Healing the gut and giving your body all the nutrients it needs can and will eliminate lingering thyroid symptoms.

Nutrition is the Missing Key


In order for the thyroid to function (even with medication), it needs micronutrients like iodine, selenium, and zinc.  However, most thyroid patients do not utilize these nutrients...from food or from supplements.  

Genetic Testing


 There is no one else out there just like you. One size fits all diets just don't work. Genetics play a role but also other factors like gut health, history of antibiotics, stress levels and much more determine how those genes express themselves. Genetic testing is the most Bio-Individual testing you can do. It creates a nutritional roadmap.  Roadmap in hand, together we can eliminate thyroid symptoms with a nutritional plan.

Thyroid Recovery Method

Follow My 3 Step Method to Optimal Thyroid Health

Step 1

Get Tested (DNA swab or Hair)

Step 2

Schedule your initial consultation with me to review your individual nutritional plan based on your results, your lifestyle, and your needs.

Step 3

Enjoy optimal health and eliminate persistent thyroid symptoms while following your individualized nutrition plan!  

It's that easy!  Get started with your nutrition plan NOW!


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